Case Studies

The Columbia University, Teachers College Cowin Financial Literacy Program is an initiative to increase personal finance literacy among high school students across the nation. The program is designed to bring experiential learning about personal finance into under-resourced classrooms. It offers eight free case studies that can be integrated into existing curriculum.

Case Study: I'm Rich!
Topics covered include Budgeting, Diversification, Investments, Savings

Case Study: To Become a Buckeye
Topics covered include College savings plans, Interest, Student loans, Time value of money

Case Study: Lisa's Rewards
Topics covered include Credit report, Credit score, Finance charges

Case Study: The Diaz Family
Topics covered include Credit, Financial planning, Risk, Savings

Case Study: Jill and Jack
Topics covered include Budgeting, Credit, Crisis Management, Investments, Retirement

Case Study: Your First Car
Topics covered include Budgeting, Insurance, Risk, Taxes

Case Study: CEO at 22 Years Old
Topics covered include Budgeting, Credit, Insurance, Profit

Case Study: Shore Financial
Topics covered include Diversification, Dividend, Investments, Stock

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