Case Study: To Become a Buckeye?



Case Study: To Become a Buckeye?

Colleges and universities often counter arguments that higher education costs so much by claiming that it is worth so much, but is it?  And is all college education worth the same to all students?


Is college “worth it”? And is a “better” college worth the higher costs?

For students and parents, deciding which college to attend is a complex process. Will the student be admitted to their top choice? Will the student live on campus or at home? And, how will the college tuition bill get paid?

Our To Become a Buckeye case study is a tool teachers can use to teach students about financial literacy. Students will learn to make decisions based on financial considerations that go into attending college: tuition, housing, books and supplies, transportation and more.

This case study gives teachers the flexibility to integrate the resource into existing curriculum and will help college-bound students contemplate their options.

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